Best Helmet for a Triathlon

Best Helmet for a Triathlon

The best helmet for a triathlon would be one that is lightweight, aerodynamic, and well-ventilated. Some popular options include the Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS, the POC Octal X SPIN, and the Louis Garneau Course. It’s important to note that fit is crucial when choosing a triathlon helmet, so be sure to try on several different models and brands to find the one that fits you best. Additionally, ensure the helmet meets safety standards such as CPSC, EN, and ASTM.

Should I wear a helmet for a triathlon?

Don’t just take our word for it. British Triathlon states there is a requirement that a helmet must fit adequately and be worn and fastened securely whenever a competitor is in possession of the bike.

What are the essential features of a helmet used in a triathlon?

The most important features of a helmet used in a triathlon are:

  1. Aerodynamics: A helmet with a sleek, streamlined design can help reduce wind resistance and improve your overall speed.
  2. Ventilation: Look for a helmet with plenty of vents to keep your head cool during the race.
  3. Lightweight: A lightweight helmet will reduce fatigue and help you maintain your pace throughout the race.
  4. Fit: The helmet should fit securely and comfortably without wobbling or shifting.
  5. Safety Standards: As mentioned above, ensure the helmet meets critical safety standards and certifications.
  6. Adjustability: Look for helmets with an adjustable retention system, which can help fine-tune the helmet’s fit and make it more comfortable.
  7. Visibility: Some helmets come with reflective stickers or bright colors to increase visibility, which can be vital during early morning or evening races.
  8. Additional features: Some helmets come with detachable visors, bug nets, and other elements that can be useful during a triathlon.

It’s worth noting that personal preferences, budget, and specific needs would also influence the final decision.

What are the main features of the Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS?

Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS

The Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS is a high-performance road cycling helmet that features a number of advanced technologies to improve aerodynamics, ventilation, and safety. Some of its key features include:

  • MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System): This technology helps to reduce the risk of brain injury in the event of a crash by allowing the helmet to rotate slightly on impact, which can help to dissipate rotational forces.
  • Wind Tunnel Ventilation: The helmet is designed to optimize airflow, which helps to keep the rider cool and comfortable while also reducing drag.
  • Aerohead Shape: The helmet has a unique shape that is designed to minimize drag and improve aerodynamics.
  • TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Shell: The helmet’s shell is made from TeXtreme carbon fiber, a lightweight and strong material that helps reduce the helmet’s overall weight.
  • Roc Loc Air Fit System: This is a fitting system that allows the rider to adjust the helmet’s fit with a simple thumb dial, which can help improve comfort and safety.
  • X-Static Padding: The helmet’s padding is treated with X-Static, a silver-coated fiber that helps to reduce odor and bacteria buildup.

Is the POC Octal X SPIN any good?


The POC Octal X SPIN is a high-end road cycling helmet that is designed for performance and safety. It features POC’s SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) technology, a system of silicone pads built into the helmet to help absorb and dissipate impact energy in the event of a crash. It also has a lightweight and aerodynamic design, which helps to reduce drag and improve ventilation to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

The POC Octal X SPIN also has several other features designed to improve safety and performance, such as the aramid bridge that helps to increase structural integrity and the size adjustment system that allows for a more secure and comfortable fit.

Overall, the POC Octal X SPIN is considered a high-quality and high-performance helmet that is well-regarded by many professional and recreational cyclists. The price of the helmet is around $175.

Is the Louis Garneau Course one of the best triathlon helmets?

Louis Garneau Course

The Louis Garneau Course is a high-performance road cycling helmet, and it’s not explicitly designed for triathlons. However, it does have some features that may make it suitable for them, such as its aerodynamic design, ventilation system, and adjustable fit. Many triathletes use road cycling helmets for the bike leg, as they are generally lightweight and aerodynamic.

While not designed with triathlons in mind, the Louis Garneau Course is considered a high-quality helmet with advanced safety features, comfortable fit, and aerodynamic design. It is a popular choice among triathletes and road cyclists alike.

So is the Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS better than the POC Octal X SPIN?

It is difficult to say that one helmet is better than the other as it really depends on personal preference, fit, and the specific needs and priorities of the individual. Both the Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS and the POC Octal X SPIN are high-performance and of fantastic quality.

They both have proprietary technology as the Giro Aerohead Ultimate MIPS features MIPS technology while the POC Octal X SPIN has SPIN technology. They are both designed with safety at the forefront. 

Ultimately, it’s recommended to try on and compare both helmets to determine which one is the best fit and most comfortable for you. As with most things in life, high-end tech usually means higher-end prices. Shop around for the best deals online. 

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